Creating User Accounts

User accounts are necessary for every person who uses a Linux box, including the System Administrator. It's generally a bad idea to have the only account on the system be the root account, and since Linux was designed to be multi-user, there is no reason not to create accounts for every single person on the system. These steps will create a user account: su to root
cd /usr/sbin/
./adduser username
cd /etc
pico passwd

There will be multiple lines of text on the screen; the account that was just created is down at the bottom of the screen. It will look something like this:
Scroll over between the blank set of colons after the numbers and put in the user's name.

Exit pico, and type: passwd username The computer will prompt for a password, and then require the password to be confirmed. This is the user's new password, which should be changed by the user to something new as soon as they enter their account.

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Created: May 15, 1999
Last updated: May 17, 1999