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Corliss Silverbirch
Damon Thresher (and Tricky)
Einar Skinnerland
Henna Gill
Hillary Tinring
Tarifa (Tari) Maloune
Ty Sathoth

Caleb Blackhand

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The original party for the very first Fairweather adventure consisted of: Corliss Silverbirch, Damon Thresher, Henna Gill, and Larissa. Then the adventure was run again with Einar Skinnerland, Hillary Tinring, Marik, and Tari. After that, the two parties mixed together for various adventures, depending on who was most compatible. Navros and Runs-with-the-Dawn are partners who were played with the party for one specific adventure. Ty Sathoth joined the group sometime during that period. Caleb Blackhand was also played for a specific adventure.

At this point, the core party is made up of Damon, Henna, Hillary, Larissa, Marik, Tari, and Ty. Corliss and Einar's players aren't around much (which is why their minis aren't finished.)

Corliss is a half-elf Urban Ranger/Rogue.
Damon is a human Sorceror with a specialization in planar travel and summoning. Tricky is an imp, and his familiar.
Einar is a half-elf Sorceror/Barbarian who was raised by dwarves. His familiar is a bulldog.
Henna is a halfling Rogue.
Hillary is a halfling Cleric.
Larissa is a half-elf Rogue/Cleric.
Marik is a human Fighter/Barbarian.
Tari is a human Rogue/Fighter/Sorceror. Her familiar is a bat.
Ty is a human Bard/Illusionist.

Caleb is a halfling Sorceror.
Navros is a halfling Wizard.
Runs-with-the-Dawn is a human Monk.

Created: November 13, 2004
Last updated: November 13, 2004